Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~ A minute Tribute to DE' NAMELESS ~

Lets ROCK & ROLL..hee..

it's our group D?NAMELESS coming event!!

yeahhh!! the members was so excited!..


in this life i've been following 2 friendship group..

one is we call it THE FRONTIER CLUB and the other is D?NAMELESS..

both are about friendship...


THE FRONTIER CLUB is 2 in 1 group..

why??..coz they also provide some kind of bisnes..

a little bit like MLM..hee..

i do follow it too..i learn a little bit about what they do and i also become one of the member..

but..i have to say sorry to them..i quit..not because im not interested but honestly im not kind of people that can do that..only the good one and like doing that can achieve highest score in that bussiness..

im too shy and too silent and the things is not suitable for me..(^_^)

so i leave the group..

and last years i got info that the group have been close and they change the group names and the do another bussiness..

i just dunno how they are now..i still contact some of the members through FB..checking their activities there..ermm.. Hopefully they success in whatever they do..AMEN!!


The Other group is D?NAMELESS or DE' NAMELESS..

i know and start join this group Mei last year..

The 1st even i join was fun..

you can check all it at this Picture..

they have so much fun here at ROSE GARDEN, INANAM, SABAH..

ermm..i dont have the link..but to tell you all..that this place is beautiful..

its suitable for family gathering and Group event...

The 2nd event i join is going to PULAU MAMUTIK..

i enjoy the day!!!..

i got sunburn all over my body becoz i didnt wear sunblock that day! Huh! menyesal!..

but..its was fun!!..

The latest is Dec last year..

we do it at NULUHON GARDEN..

De' Nameless 1st Aniversary...first time goin here..

nice place for who like nature..

this place also located at INANAM , SABAH..

many commitee choose this plase for family gathering , parties or even retreat..

i just love everything here especially the surrounding...huh! suddenly miss my Kampung..

so here i shared you all the MOMENT that night!!

And the coming event was D?N 60's PARTY!! ~ Rock & Roll Nite!!

We are so excited!! This party will be held at NULUHON GARDEN at 14th May 2011..

will share You all everything about that later..

** Some of my own thought abt this Group**

- The members was Fun! -

- Everytime they do event they'll do the best and im not regret joining it -

- for the 1st time i feel enjoy joining friendship group -

- and the important things is the act like brother and sister no matter what -

- even sometimes they quarell over something but still they ended it in good way.. -

- Overall this is a FUN group i ever had! -

- But the most important thing about this group is i found my Mr. Right here -

- in this Group i learn to love someone again thats why this group such a memorable for me -


I just hope that this group can make more members..

upgrade 1 by 1.. and it's last long..

Hopefully they more matured , more activities and more alert with everyone..

Good Luck All...!!

If someday im not here anymore You guys still the best members & friends i have..

you all rock my world!!

Cheers guy!!!


P/s: Actually i fall in love with The President! (^_^) ~ Mr. Ronald aka The President..!~

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