Tuesday, December 21, 2010

- S!O!R!R!Y -

it's 1.o9am in the morning and its mean we've been together for 3 months 1 days..:)
Huh..! time flies so fast oo..i also never expected it..
now im listening Christian Bautista's Songs again.. and he is the one on my mind now..
Sometimes i've thingking.. Bagaimana Dia bisa bertahan melayan perangai sa selama ini??.. hee..
i think that sometimes im too much..! but still he stay with me..
i admit that im demanding..!

i am bad..i know it..i dunno how to treat him...i dunno how to show him that i cared...
but to tell you Hubby..

"..no matter what i say or do its all becoz i cared too much on you..
sometimes i feel angry whenever you say ' Saya meginum' .. honestly, im not stoping you from that but i just cant stop my feelings.. i dunno how to act cool for something i dont like.. So sorry for that... i know i makes you feel down whenever we talked about this.. and im really sorry...its my fault..! i still remember our last conversation about this.. i know i make u sad..
Thats why i told my self not to force you again.. i want you to change becoz of yourself not becoz i want it..
i keep telling myself.. ' Rain, please back to the basic..' bukan kerana merajuk..but its becoz i dont want it burdening you, Hubby.. I love You and i want you to feel comfortable with me.. i'll let all this behind me as long as you're happy with me.. I only need it...nothing else..

"..we've been connected all this time by an invisible string attached, From your heart to mine we circled the obvious like satelites that roam around the earth.. No, im never gonna let you go.."

i dont care how is you..your behaviour.. you smoke or you get drunk.. i accept it..! i just have to be patient..coz i know someday you'll change..by yourself.. thats what i want.. i luv u damn much and i dont want this two things disturbing our day everyday.. i know you need your freedom too..thats why i've thingking this for quite long time... i just hope you know your limit and keeps my words.. ' jan asarok'.. i just need it..\(".")/

Sorry..! really sorry if i've hurt your feels through my action or words.. ! - I Love You and i Hope you to be the last one for me.."

Huh..! i just hope next year will bring more love, happiness and happy moment to us..thats why i cant wait for New Year...cant wait to see what God has ready for me..Cant wait to know what gift i'll received.. cant wait to face new challenge..cant wait to meet new people.. but i hope nothing can make my tears to come..even i know that no one know what would happen but i think im not ready for PAIN & TEARS in 2011.. I hope so...

Pa2 pun.. its time to take a nap..its been to late already...nanti lambat bangun lagi besok.. huh! mata pun mula meragam..! See you next Post! - LUV YA -