Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yeah, I found my Missing Piece.

The Missing Pieces sat alone...
Waiting for someone to come along and take it somewhere..
Some Fit..
But could not roll..
Other Could Roll but could not Fit..
One didnt know a thing of fitting..
and another didnt know a thing about anything..
One was delicate..
One put its on pedestal..
and left it there..
Some hand too many pieces missing..
Some had too many pieces, period.
It learn to hide From the hungry one..
More come..
Some looked too closely..
Others Rolled right by without noticing..
It tried to make itself more attractive but it didn't helped..
It tried being Flashy..
But that just frightened away the shy One..
At last One Come along that just fit right..
But all of sudden The missing piece began to grow! and grow!..
" I didn't know you're going to grow"
" I didn't know either", Said The missing pieces..
" Im looking for my missing pieces, One that won't increase"
And One day, One come along who looked different..
"What do you want from me", asked The Missing pieces..
"What do you need from me."
"Who are you?" asked the missing pieces..
"Im the big O," said the Big O
"I think you're the one that im waiting for,"said the missing piece
"Maybe im your missing pieces"
"But im not missing a pieces," Said the Big O
"there's no place you would fit,"
"That is too bad," Said The missing Pieces
"I was hoping that perhaps i could roll with you..."
"You cannot roll with me," Said The Big O
"But perhaps you can roll by yourself,"
"By myself?? but missing piece cannot roll by itself.."
"Have you tried?" asked the Big O
"But i have sharped corners. Im not sharped for rolling," said the missing Pieces.
"Corners wear off and shapes changed.. Anyhow, i must says gud bye.. perhaps we will meet again," Said The Big O and away it rolled.
The missing piece was alone again..
For a long time it just sat there..
Then.. slowly it lifted itself up on one end..
Then lift..pull..flop..and flooped away..
it began to move foward..
and soon its edge began to wear off..
Lift.. pull.. flop.. lift.. pull.. flop..
and its shape began to change..
and then its was bumping instead of flopping..
and then its was bouncing instead of bumping..
and then its was rolling instead of bouncing..
and it didn't know where..
and it didn't care...
It's was Rolling!
Have you Found your missing Piece??..
Some of Us maybe YES, some maybe OTW, some maybe HAVENT met..
Now i can says that i Met my missing piece.. i have been through with so many sadness before..
im hurt a lot.. My life is really gloomy.. im feeling wanna sleep forever.. Forgeting all the pain, Loneliness and sadness..
But i never know that all that what happen in my life is just a small matter..
Its all change when theres a day That i dont feel anything.. And i know thats was the day that i realize that im moving On.. I started enjoying my day.. thinking foward.. Leaving all my Old memories & Sadness..
Life always try to give us lesson to be learn.. its only up to us wether we dare to challenge it or not.. So, you guys out there.. keep looking your missing pieces its always there somewhere around the world.. Keep strong while facing our own Lesson. Patient and Struggle is the key for the seeking..

P/s: Im happy Finding my missing Piece.. sometimes we cant fit each other but most of the time we struggle very hard to make us Fit and strong together.. And for all that i only can says That He is my missing pieces.. mybe someday He is leaving but as for now he is that ONE piece and im going to glue it so that He won't grow.. Muaxxx!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


im feeling alone.. Lonely!! and Him happy outside there.. i wish im with him now but seem he dont want me to be there. Huh!! Biar la.. i have to learn to be alone sometimes.. feeling how the loneliness again... Sakit hati.. thats what i feel now.. dunno why.. God, make me strong!! Give me that patience.. bring me strength to accept everything happen around me..

He asked me wether i wanna go there... of course i really wanna go but i sengaja ask him to decide for me.. and he say ' No need la, takut u boring '... i felt like wanna shout and throw that phone!! and suddenly says they got family meeting.. so mean ada 'minum2'... Hate!!!!!! i hate it!!!!! kenapa suka sangat buat benda yang i benci!!.... Ko x pernah pun mo kesah pasal feeling saya!!! i always pray to have that patience but dont blame me if i cant hold it anymore.. sa benci mo larang2 ko coz itu buat hati sa lagi sakit..!! u know that?? Arghhh!!!! Whatever!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bila Perbualan terasa semakin Hambar.

Hello Nighty!!!.. Cant sleep.. and im here.. its seem like im going back to sleepless nite which is always ended in BLOG...
Long time didnt update it!.. Huh, dunno why but as i says before im bored with it..
But today i cant help but siting infront of my computer writing this post.
i feel lonely.. dunno why suddenly but i felt no one!..seems like im all ALONE.. im missing the old Him.. i want to go back to the 1st day...
The conversation become bored.. i know mostly its because of me.. but honestly i dont have any feel to talk.. theres always one word that stoping all my moods.. Whatever!!! Argghh!!! Hate sleeping with this feeling... Maybe we have to stop night conversation for a while.. im tired holding this feels.. So, sorry..:(
I hate when everytime im the one hv to be blamed for something.. i miss his nicely voice but everytime pun macam mo marah2.. Haizzz.. Part yang paling buat i rasa nak off jak pon tu.. Kalau boleh you have to pretend you hear what he say.. Understand what he mean.. not to talk complicated story... you cannot says 'Hah?" What?" Why?"... sometimes i hate asking him coz i dont like the way he answer me.. bikin hilang mood...

Huh! Im sleepy.. i want to go to bed now.. forgeting this lonliness.. Hopefully i can smile and laugh with his joke today.. i miss him so much.. especially our early days.. Gud Night A.K.A Gud morning Everyone.. Have a nice dream!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~ Happy 1st Aniversary Hubby!! ~

times flies so fast!! and today we've been together for 1 year!!.. i cant believe that i can make it.. Bravo!!..hee..
We been through so many UPS and DOWN but we're still close to each other.. learning to know each other... and i love to know more about him day by day.. and thanks to Him to for giving me that chance to show him who i am.. i have the chance to shared everything about me.. the chance to take care for him.. i know im not that good.. but i'll promise to improve day by day..

Thanks Hubby for not judging me for the 1st time u know me..
Thanks for making me believe that my past is totally WRONG!!..
Thanks for accepting all my bad, Understanding even sometimes i feel nothing..

For this 1 year i know how to shared my things to others.. U make me feel that im not alone..
we shared everything, we argue with small matter, we cry, we angry, we happy & sad..
Since im with you i learn to be patient, controling my anger even sometimes u makes me more anger with you attitude... but everytime i feel it i told to myself to calm down even its really hurt.. But Thanks god we did it!!!... LOVE YOU MUCH Si Hubby!!!

Now i cant wait for October to come!!! yess!! its Our engagement Day.. wish everything went smooth and the Day will be Our best memori and i cant wait to have you PERMANENTLY!!!

p/s: To My Past i dunno why suddenly you come to my mind today.. Not becoz i missing you but becoz today i realise that i hate YOU the person that i know as a friend.. everything about you just make me wanna shut down all the connection.. im feeling to forget you forever.. Now, i wanna told to my self that everything you ever say about me is WRONG!! and i forgive you coz i know that you never know about me that time.. all your feels that time is FAKE.. i keep telling my self about that.. Hopefully TODAY you know how to appreciate others especially GIRL rather than judging Them and making them believe that they are tottaly BAD! you never know how that feels.. im Praying ur Happiness hopefully SHE is what 'im not'.. CARING!!

Sakit Bila kebenaran bukan itu.

ari ni kawan i call.. just cerita kisah2 lalu.. erm.. dia memang akan cerita hal tu tiap kali kol i..
entah knapa hati marah bila dengar cerita yang slama ini saya asyik ingin tahu.. KENAPA??.baru hari ini saya tahu kebenaran cerita di sebalik hati Dia dahulu.. sampai hati dia kata macam tu.. tapi biar la.. the time for us already END and i already throw away all the things, feels and whatever i ever know about him...! Past is past rite?.. but why suddenly he makes me mad!!!... whatever!!!
" Dulu sa berabis mo dapat dia, tapi slps sa dapat dia sa rasa dia cam lain daripada sebelum ni"... i feel wanna cry, its show that he never wanna try to accept me.. huh!!! silly you Rain!! knapa mo kesah pasal hal ni lagi... Go Away la PAST!!! i Hate you more now..