Monday, June 21, 2010

They Make My Life FUN and CRAZY!!..Luv U alll..!! ( dedicated this POEM to u all)

Friendship is something to hold on to
But for me that's not the case
Cause I don't feel I need to keep
Something that can't be erased

I am sure of what I have
Cause with you I have no doubt
For what we've built, can't ever fail
It's what I care about

I find it hard to describe
This thing that we share
Especially when there's nothing else
That ever could compare

Others always know
That together we will be
For there can never be another
"Tani and Kerrie"

Those two words, known all over
Might as well be one
Cause without a Kerrie, there is no Tani
I'm sorry, it just can't be done

For you're the "U", and I'm the "S"
And forever that will be
Cause together we make "US", and so

Friday, June 11, 2010

what is FRIEND actually...

sometimes i thinking too much on that...
am i ever have a very real bestfriend?
am i ever looking good to my friends?
huh!..i dunno bt still i felt that i didnt have the real one...
whatever la...i spent my whole life alone...and suddenly i have a lot of friend i guess...that's makes me feel weird...
an i hate this feels actually..arrrrghhh!!!!!!
dunno wat's going happen actually....
i just miss my OLD TERENCE...
the silent one (heheheh...sampai orang takut mo bercakap dengan saya)...
Memories come and gone...most of my secondary n primary schoolmate are somewhere i dunno..
i missed all we ever do..hahaah...the funny things thats still remain in my mind n heart..
now they have their own life with another friends...
maybe that's what life is...we will meet many kind of friends...different culture , character and af coz different gender..hahahhaha...sometimes having many friend is such a wonderful thing we ever do...but if we cant handle each of them it's seem like u dont have even 1 friends...
for me letting go our own EGO sometimes is such a briliant idea on getting the relationship stay longer..
try to learn them as we learn our matter how bad they are still they have a little sweet things which ever make u smile, happy and laugh...remember that and u'll discover how wondeful them to you...

* ermmm....i just miss all my thinking what they doing right now...**