Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~ Happy 1st Aniversary Hubby!! ~

times flies so fast!! and today we've been together for 1 year!!.. i cant believe that i can make it.. Bravo!!..hee..
We been through so many UPS and DOWN but we're still close to each other.. learning to know each other... and i love to know more about him day by day.. and thanks to Him to for giving me that chance to show him who i am.. i have the chance to shared everything about me.. the chance to take care for him.. i know im not that good.. but i'll promise to improve day by day..

Thanks Hubby for not judging me for the 1st time u know me..
Thanks for making me believe that my past is totally WRONG!!..
Thanks for accepting all my bad, Understanding even sometimes i feel nothing..

For this 1 year i know how to shared my things to others.. U make me feel that im not alone..
we shared everything, we argue with small matter, we cry, we angry, we happy & sad..
Since im with you i learn to be patient, controling my anger even sometimes u makes me more anger with you attitude... but everytime i feel it i told to myself to calm down even its really hurt.. But Thanks god we did it!!!... LOVE YOU MUCH Si Hubby!!!

Now i cant wait for October to come!!! yess!! its Our engagement Day.. wish everything went smooth and the Day will be Our best memori and i cant wait to have you PERMANENTLY!!!

p/s: To My Past i dunno why suddenly you come to my mind today.. Not becoz i missing you but becoz today i realise that i hate YOU the person that i know as a friend.. everything about you just make me wanna shut down all the connection.. im feeling to forget you forever.. Now, i wanna told to my self that everything you ever say about me is WRONG!! and i forgive you coz i know that you never know about me that time.. all your feels that time is FAKE.. i keep telling my self about that.. Hopefully TODAY you know how to appreciate others especially GIRL rather than judging Them and making them believe that they are tottaly BAD! you never know how that feels.. im Praying ur Happiness hopefully SHE is what 'im not'.. CARING!!

Sakit Bila kebenaran bukan itu.

ari ni kawan i call.. just cerita kisah2 lalu.. erm.. dia memang akan cerita hal tu tiap kali kol i..
entah knapa hati marah bila dengar cerita yang slama ini saya asyik ingin tahu.. KENAPA??.baru hari ini saya tahu kebenaran cerita di sebalik hati Dia dahulu.. sampai hati dia kata macam tu.. tapi biar la.. the time for us already END and i already throw away all the things, feels and whatever i ever know about him...! Past is past rite?.. but why suddenly he makes me mad!!!... whatever!!!
" Dulu sa berabis mo dapat dia, tapi slps sa dapat dia sa rasa dia cam lain daripada sebelum ni"... i feel wanna cry, its show that he never wanna try to accept me.. huh!!! silly you Rain!! knapa mo kesah pasal hal ni lagi... Go Away la PAST!!! i Hate you more now..