Monday, October 31, 2011

~ The Plan is OVER ~

Yeah!! akhirnya " THE PLAN" yang di tunggu2 telah tiba.. Tanggal 29/10/2011 i jadi tunangan orang.. rasa lain sangat.. haa.. its not like when you're still Bf & Gf.. hepi semacam jak.. hahaha!
At least mulut orang sekeliling boleh di ' tutup '.. Hopefully our love grow strong and more understanding between us!!.. Im waiting for the others pict to be uplod by the Them.. Lambat!! haa!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Want & Need ??

Susahkan nak ambil hati orang.. Huh! im in blues again.. dunno why but till now this loneliness wont go from my life... I miss someone.. He seems too far away even we talked & sms'in everyday.. i want more but he seems dont want to give it.. i feel like im burdening him.. Should i stop now..?? The more i force the more pain i get.. im scared that i cant force myself again.. i feel like wanna rest from all this.. everytime i ask wether this LOVE still in myself.. and guess wat its EMPTY inside my heart.. i try to be what he want.. i try to be someone.. but, huh! i FAILED!! if only i can STOP and turn the time back mybe no one of us will suffer.. God, give me clue.. i dunno what i should do now.. im going crazy!!! did he know what inside myself now?? did he know how hard im now?? Did he know that he hurt me a bit?? Did he know that i miss him?? ~ I dont think so He know all that.. coz all he know is im a BORED person!! Right??
i dont like the way he treats me.. the way he says things to me... its 1 year 2 month and i can count how many " I LOVE U" and " I MISS U" he ever says to me this few month.. Am i really annoying?? Tell me please so that i can leave ... Im tired holding.. im not happy if he dont happy.. Please God, show me any kind of way.. Amen.

p/s : The Plan is coming in less 2 weeks.. Am i really ready? Am i really choose the right choice?? this question keep coming to me lately.. Whatever it is i hope that im in a right way.. I knew it.. If only i have to be regreted next i accept it.. Because this is what i want.. I just Need a bit understanding.. a bit care... a bit Love.. an the rest i leave it to god.. Huh! Tears coming down!.. dunno why feel so sad tonite... all i know is im lonely..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

~ 12th Years Aniversary! ~

[05th October 1999 - 05th October 2011 ]

You're, in a better place
Sitting, next to the lord
Where you once said,
You were ready to take your place
Next, to the lords in his heavenly grace.

I think of you daily
It’s, so hard not to cry,
I know I will be okay,
Because, I feel you near by.

Rest in Peace Dad for I will see you soon.
God has blessed me with a father like you.
All that you taught me will live on in my children and I thank the Lord for having you as my father.

I love you Dad, It was an honor to have you as my father....


12th years has gone... but still you remain strongly in Our heart..
We miss U pa...
We miss all your Joke..
We miss your laughter..
Your smile..
and mostly everything you've cooked...

Everything changed since you go..
how i miss my childhood When you're still around..
Lately i cry a lot.. so many problems come and i dunno how to face it...
i wish you're here.. telling me what to do..
Thanks so much Pa..
For everything u have done to my life..
Im sorry for all the bad things i ever do..
We Love and Miss you so much!!