Thursday, October 6, 2011

~ 12th Years Aniversary! ~

[05th October 1999 - 05th October 2011 ]

You're, in a better place
Sitting, next to the lord
Where you once said,
You were ready to take your place
Next, to the lords in his heavenly grace.

I think of you daily
It’s, so hard not to cry,
I know I will be okay,
Because, I feel you near by.

Rest in Peace Dad for I will see you soon.
God has blessed me with a father like you.
All that you taught me will live on in my children and I thank the Lord for having you as my father.

I love you Dad, It was an honor to have you as my father....


12th years has gone... but still you remain strongly in Our heart..
We miss U pa...
We miss all your Joke..
We miss your laughter..
Your smile..
and mostly everything you've cooked...

Everything changed since you go..
how i miss my childhood When you're still around..
Lately i cry a lot.. so many problems come and i dunno how to face it...
i wish you're here.. telling me what to do..
Thanks so much Pa..
For everything u have done to my life..
Im sorry for all the bad things i ever do..
We Love and Miss you so much!!

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