Saturday, May 22, 2010

HATI - kenapa kah ia terlalu sakit!!..

sa tidak tahu kenapa hati sa sakit...macam mo menangis bila tgk gambar kawin dia (1st bf)...walaupun perasaan cinta sa ma dia tidak sekuat Dia (2nd bf) tp sa still rasa regret sangat...Geram, Sedih & marah dgn pa yg pernah dia buat sama sa...Jealous??.. cemburu bila tgk dia kawin duluan dari sa...biar la...jodoh dia duluan sampai so i just wish the best for him...

Monday, May 10, 2010

when is my TURN??

15th nie adik sa tunang..heheheh...happy for her...
tapi yg tak bestnya dorg balik2 ejek2 sa..heheheh..they ask, " ko bila lagi,,tgk c adik lagi duluan"..
i cant answer them..ol i can do is just SMILE and say.." biar la bah...jodoh dia yg duluan ble buat..( tp dlm hati cuma i ja yg tahu..)..
actually klu ble sa tidak mau adik sa yg duluan but i have to accept the fate kan..
i dunno why but i become more choosy than before..i upgrade the qualification already..hahhahaha...i dont want HIS to be exactly what i want but i only want the BEST..the one who always there for me in my ups and down..the one who's not leaving me when he says I LOVE U to me...i hate that kind of guy...really!!..accepting me the way i live my life, understanding and comforting me when im to me face to face...because i know its the only way to know whether he is the one for me or not...or is he serious or just wanna have fun with me...i already promise to myself that no one can ever hurt me again...NO ONE...i dont want to care what others will say about me...all i know is i wanna live my life in my own way...dont ever judge me for who i am coz im the only one who knows myself better..i suggest u all to watch yourself more...
i'll put this coldness until i found the one who really knows me...i hate liar and coward!!..they only know how to talk but act nothing...tidak bertanggungjawab!!....( huh, i hate this monday blues..whatever!!!!!..)

p/s : actually siok juga klu kena langkah bendul ni...coz i dapat GOLD RING for free...hahahhah!
* enough for today...will post another one bila i free for internet...(",)