Saturday, April 16, 2011

..JEALOUS itu penting ka?..

orang kata ' kita perlu buang rasa cemburu itu..'..
tapi macam mana kita tahu dia sayang kita kalau dia tak tunjuk yang dia tu cemburu??

As for me..i get jealous with him almost a bad GF..haa..what to do..huh!
i try to act as usuall..but still i scared!..
i do believe him but i just cant believe myself..
i always wanna be someone who can say ' I DONT WANT TO CARE'..
but the problem is i care everything..

susahnya nak hilang kan rasa geram dan marah dalam masa yang singkat..
mesti feeling ni berlarutan sampai esok dan lusa..
kadang rasa bersalah juga bila dia layan i dengan baik tapi i buat deh jak..
ni semua gara2 geram kat dia lar..

kalau lar dia pujuk and ajak i tengok wayang kan bagus..hee..
terubat juga lar rasa marah tu..:)
huh! Rain2...asyik2 layan masalah ni..
cam mana ek nak ilang kan suma tu...
rasa jealous , marah , geram...suma lar..
i just dunno what to do..
i always blaming myself for acting like this..
JEALOUS! please get out!..
I love him so much! thats why i get jealouse..

even i know he is only joking still the feels attack me..:(
i wanna be the SLUMBER gf..
the BFF aka acting like it is something precious moment that we shared together..
accepting everything happen around us..

But , So sorry Dear..i just cant be 100% like that..
sorry coz you have to face my mysterious mood sometimes..
i will try to slow down but dont ask me not to get JEALOUS or ANGRY for everything you do..
i just want you to know that not all things i can accept..

I hope you're the last person i get jealous..

p/s: i just cant wait WEEKEND to come..coz that is the only day i can hang out with you..teasing with you and of coz its time to ' MANJA - MANJA' with you..(^-^)