Friday, March 11, 2011

..i MISS you get it??..

have you ever feel missing someone tht makes u cry suddenly??
i feel it now..huh! wish he know that...
its hurt but all i can do is just cry..:(

i can feel that i need his attention...
i need his nice words..
i need his warm smile..
i need his arms on my shoulder..
and mostly i need his kiss on my forehead..

huh!..perubahan hormon kali ni..
mo datang bulan kali..haizz..
suddenly, i became more MANJA..
his jokes makes me mad..
wish him to kuai2 me...
all i need is his attention...hee..

ermm...i just miss the old days...
the first month couple..hee..
dunno y..but i miss it...the feel that only you know how..
hee..hurmm! how i miss it...

p/s: How long should i have this kind of feels...
how i wish that time flies past..

~ I'll be your shoulder to cry on ~

touched songs!...
i will always be YOUR BLOG!!..
a shoulder to cry on...

p/s: En. Ronald..i try to make u my 2n BLOG..but sorry if im not as good as you trying the best..I LOVE YOU so much!!..