Thursday, April 28, 2011

~ I'm scared again..~ emo again..huh! it's started worrying me..
so many question disturbing me..
im too easy to thinking negative..
im scared with so many things..until i dunno what it is..

Dont ask me why..coz i dunno what it is...
i just need rest!.. too many things in my head now.. Plan..
i easily get angry for something that i know they dont mean it..
i keep asking..blaming my ownself..
"maybe i should do this.."
" maybe i should do that.."
this is what always bothering me..
there is always ' MAYBE ' in my mind..

But what bother me more is Him..
~ ( i know u always read my post..just read it..dont ask me again)~
why?...since i know what love is..i always dreaming to find someone who can be with me no matter what.. Sharing my happy days together...
its mean i want him be with me whenever i want it..
Honestly, sometimes i wish he'll do it even i never ask him..
mean i want him want to be with me even i didnt ask..

i didnt mean he is like that..but sometimes yeah..He is..
everytime i dunno whether i want to invite him or not if i got event with my family..
becoz i know i will feel upset.. but i try to accept it..
thinking positive..ya maybe i have to be slow down..
dont push im hard..let him take his time to be ready..
its ok with me.. the more i ask the more things to be complicated..
just be positive!!..
i wont force him if he dont want..i just wanna learn to just ' TAKE IT EASY'
thats the only way for us to stay strong in love..:)
i hope so!!..

i dont want to be like last time..
forcing him..! i want this relationship less stress..bule ka begitu??..hee..
i'll do my best to saved this..
i know im scared loosing him but i'll fight till i know i cant!!
i really love this relationship!!..i dont want to think any bad influence now..

~ Biarlah sakit macam mana sekali pun saya akan terus berusaha.. Cemburu , tidak puas ati.. Geram or marah akan saya buang sikit2 ~

p/s: En.Ronald im scared with every little possible that might ruin this relationship.. Sorry, if im too much..Love you every breath that come from me..