Friday, October 29, 2010

He is the reason i smile today..

Hubby..gonna luv and miss u always.. I love de way u mostly the way you teasing life will empty without all that.. Luv u so much..!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

..A NOTES to YOU..

*** ..I wrote this last nite...special thought for HIM ( Ronald Linus )..***

..its still here reflecting everything happen ths fews weeks...funny, sad,guilty, angry, jelouse and mostly HAPPY feels seems too close to me...befriend with great life is rite??..sometimes u never wonder some things happen to urself...something we never expect..even how much u ignore still its the one who keep following you...IM IN LOVE thats what happen to me now..i dont cares if u know it or not...accept it or not...believe it or not...what i cares is my feeling... past 100% gone...and im really sure abt it...dont ever ask me anything abt it coz im not gonna answer it...i have my own life matter hw i handle it still its my really appreciate everyone who is o standing beside me no matter what happen...luv u guys!!!

..i know its too early to think more about this relationship but its does'nt matter kan if i wish and hope for something precious??..i fall for him and i cant ignore it..he is something precious that happen to me this time...stay beside him is a dream that i wish happen for real..

..thanks HUBBY!!!...u just make my life more merrier and i hope it last for long!!...AMEN!!..

Sunday, October 10, 2010


what a nice date!!!...its remind everything happen last year ( 10.10.09)...
but i dont care anything anymore!!...He gone so do the memories...i dont want to keep anything anymore...i dont want it burdening all the new hope and love that decorated my life happy for what ever happen right now...even sometimes i scared but i believe god has plan everything for my life...even someday this relationship does'nt works still im happy bcoz this guys ( RONALD ) makes me smile and laugh everytime...he makes me forget everything happen in my past... He makes my life mo merrier than before..


Saturday, October 9, 2010

...hate this feels..!!!!

i hate this feel...argggghhh!!!...confuse!!!...i scared!!!...i feel guilty...!!!
what happen to me...!!!!...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


...i feel scared with so many things!!...most of all is loosing the one most important in my life...i always told myself not to put many hopes...i do it...but its hurt me...still i cant ignore this jelousy!!...silly me right??..hurmmm...i dunno wat to do...whatever!!..just leave all this things to God, coz i know he already planned everything for my life...i love him so much...i care everything he do...i just need him to be mine ( a hope that i still cant see)...i'll do everything to cherished this moment where our love still fresh..appreciate everything we do and feel.. as he always says " jangan sia2kan masa bersama kita"..i'll do that!!..coz i dont want to feel regret when someday he is not mine...Thanks Hubby, for making me feel loved, cared and missed...You make my life merrier than before!!.. i'll love you always!!..and i hope you too feel the same!!...

Saturday, October 2, 2010


...emmm...sometimes i dunno what actually its means...but,who cares actually...i know my past really makes me crazy...i will not trust anyone like before...even i love that person much more than before...whatever!!!...but i know im into that guys now...i try not to..but this feeling wont go..i dont want to fall in love with anyone rite now but its hurt when i try hard to push that feels out...sometimes i hope i never meet him...never admire..never told him my feels and acting like i never know...but i believe god already planned everything for me...even someday He is not mine but still im happy sharing him everything i feel and do...

** MISS YOU HUBBY!!!..**