Wednesday, October 13, 2010

..A NOTES to YOU..

*** ..I wrote this last nite...special thought for HIM ( Ronald Linus )..***

..its still here reflecting everything happen ths fews weeks...funny, sad,guilty, angry, jelouse and mostly HAPPY feels seems too close to me...befriend with great life is rite??..sometimes u never wonder some things happen to urself...something we never expect..even how much u ignore still its the one who keep following you...IM IN LOVE thats what happen to me now..i dont cares if u know it or not...accept it or not...believe it or not...what i cares is my feeling... past 100% gone...and im really sure abt it...dont ever ask me anything abt it coz im not gonna answer it...i have my own life matter hw i handle it still its my really appreciate everyone who is o standing beside me no matter what happen...luv u guys!!!

..i know its too early to think more about this relationship but its does'nt matter kan if i wish and hope for something precious??..i fall for him and i cant ignore it..he is something precious that happen to me this time...stay beside him is a dream that i wish happen for real..

..thanks HUBBY!!!...u just make my life more merrier and i hope it last for long!!...AMEN!!..

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