Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~ I MISS U ~

" Where YOU used to be..there is a hole in the world.. which i find myself constantly walking around in the Day time and falling in at Night.. I MISS YOU like HELL.."

3 days Not talking..

3 days No SMS..

3 days No Jokes..

im dying like its happen for a month...

( am i too much??..mybe you'll say im MANJA..but its hurt me more)

i dont want to be like trying too act like everything is under control..but from all that i just feel EMPTY!!! its seem that everything i do is WRONG!!..

i try to be patient..waiting..and be cool..but this always ended with TEARS..

Morning come but i cry..Night come and i cry again..

seems like my world stop there..!


the only thing i can do now..

Hopefully Tommorow can talk to Him..

cross finger!! ^_^

p/s: Hubby Missing you like there's no tommorow..:((

~ S.T.R.E.S.S.~

arrrrgghhhh!!!!!...shet!!! stresss a lot!!!..bodoh!! Wednesday Suck!! not in mood! Whatever!! i just feel wanna go out from this situation!!.. benciii!!... everything seems makes me STRESS! wait till the end of April.. and i'll let this decision out.. cant stand! BORED!! HATE!! STRESS!! budu punya managenment! BOSS dia lagi palui! i need another JOBS!! i need new environment!!.. not happy with this company!!..tekanan jak yg sa dapat!..

p/s: im missing Him!!..:(( sakit ati bila tia kana layan..i need someone to tell my feels..but mybe he is busy..huh! RELAKSS!! i cant do anything!!


*** Deactive FB for a while...i just need some reason to help me let all this blues feels out..i cant stand...the more im there (FB) the more i feel stress.. ****