Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~ I MISS U ~

" Where YOU used to be..there is a hole in the world.. which i find myself constantly walking around in the Day time and falling in at Night.. I MISS YOU like HELL.."

3 days Not talking..

3 days No SMS..

3 days No Jokes..

im dying like its happen for a month...

( am i too much??..mybe you'll say im MANJA..but its hurt me more)

i dont want to be like trying too act like everything is under control..but from all that i just feel EMPTY!!! its seem that everything i do is WRONG!!..

i try to be patient..waiting..and be cool..but this always ended with TEARS..

Morning come but i cry..Night come and i cry again..

seems like my world stop there..!


the only thing i can do now..

Hopefully Tommorow can talk to Him..

cross finger!! ^_^

p/s: Hubby Missing you like there's no tommorow..:((

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