Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bila Perbualan terasa semakin Hambar.

Hello Nighty!!!.. Cant sleep.. and im here.. its seem like im going back to sleepless nite which is always ended in BLOG...
Long time didnt update it!.. Huh, dunno why but as i says before im bored with it..
But today i cant help but siting infront of my computer writing this post.
i feel lonely.. dunno why suddenly but i felt no one!..seems like im all ALONE.. im missing the old Him.. i want to go back to the 1st day...
The conversation become bored.. i know mostly its because of me.. but honestly i dont have any feel to talk.. theres always one word that stoping all my moods.. Whatever!!! Argghh!!! Hate sleeping with this feeling... Maybe we have to stop night conversation for a while.. im tired holding this feels.. So, sorry..:(
I hate when everytime im the one hv to be blamed for something.. i miss his nicely voice but everytime pun macam mo marah2.. Haizzz.. Part yang paling buat i rasa nak off jak pon tu.. Kalau boleh you have to pretend you hear what he say.. Understand what he mean.. not to talk complicated story... you cannot says 'Hah?" What?" Why?"... sometimes i hate asking him coz i dont like the way he answer me.. bikin hilang mood...

Huh! Im sleepy.. i want to go to bed now.. forgeting this lonliness.. Hopefully i can smile and laugh with his joke today.. i miss him so much.. especially our early days.. Gud Night A.K.A Gud morning Everyone.. Have a nice dream!!

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