Saturday, September 24, 2011


im feeling alone.. Lonely!! and Him happy outside there.. i wish im with him now but seem he dont want me to be there. Huh!! Biar la.. i have to learn to be alone sometimes.. feeling how the loneliness again... Sakit hati.. thats what i feel now.. dunno why.. God, make me strong!! Give me that patience.. bring me strength to accept everything happen around me..

He asked me wether i wanna go there... of course i really wanna go but i sengaja ask him to decide for me.. and he say ' No need la, takut u boring '... i felt like wanna shout and throw that phone!! and suddenly says they got family meeting.. so mean ada 'minum2'... Hate!!!!!! i hate it!!!!! kenapa suka sangat buat benda yang i benci!!.... Ko x pernah pun mo kesah pasal feeling saya!!! i always pray to have that patience but dont blame me if i cant hold it anymore.. sa benci mo larang2 ko coz itu buat hati sa lagi sakit..!! u know that?? Arghhh!!!! Whatever!!!

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