Thursday, December 23, 2010

.. Thinking Of You ..

im thinking of him.. most of the time..!! maybe its too much for you but i just cant stop thinking of him today..dunno why? im missing Him a lot thats the point... Argghhh!

Rasa bersalah sangat..haizz..! i dunno how is his feels last nite but i wanna say SORRY sangat2.. i know im wrong last nite...dunno y but suddenly no moods...thats why la i act nak tak nak ja time dia call...i feel so bad...! haizz..!

Miss Him !!! ( drowning again...!!) - hard to breath!! God, please make me strong this time.. im scared!! really scared...haizzz..! why so moody today..?? ( I MISS HIM can u get it??!! )sakit sangat ni hati..i just dunno how to face it...

will meet him soon..but i feel that times pass so slow.. i just cant wait..huh! tia siok ni feels..kalau boleh i want to see him everyday! sakit jiwa tahan rindu.. for the first time i missed someone that much.. and for the first time also i feel scared facing New Year walaupun dalam masa yang sama ndak sabar.. dunno y..but im scared for walking there.. banyak benda yang ganggu kepala hotak sia time nie... But, at the same time hoping that nothing bad happen to me..especially US.. thats the things dat i scared so much.. Pa2 pun..i just wanna leave all this to God.. biar pa pun yg terjadi i hope that i can accept it...

i'll be missing him more on this christmas..! dah la x dapat celebrate sama2.. haizz!!


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