Wednesday, December 22, 2010

..Christmas Is Coming..

.. 2 more days and CHRISTMAS is coming..i was so excited!!! will taking leave from 24th to 31hb..hee... a long Holidays!! i dont care as long as i have a time for my family and myself too..
So sad coz i cant celebrate it with my Hubby... But, Its ok.. Next year still have for us..hee.. cant wait..
.. Tahun ini bagi peluang diri masing2 celebrate sendirian.. Freedom for doing anything as long as we know the limit.. Dalam masa 2 hari ni i hope that i can make myself calm... dunno what is that..but something keep bothering me..hati ndak senang... Huh..! Relax Rain...!! dont make its become your bigger worries that disturbing your Christmas Mood.. i let myself become the old one just for this time... Hopefully everything in control.. i just need to refresh back the smell of CHRISTMAS that i used to feel before...i miss it so much..!! and i dont want anything disturbing me eventhough it is about someone i love... kalau boleh i dont want to think about it for that day..its time for us to celebrate the day with our own way.. He is with his Way and im with mine.. its didnt mean anything actually its just becoz i already promise to myself that i wont disturbing Him that day.. coz i know when i think about it too much it will ruined my days.. Sorry to says that..!
.. i wanna let this anger go from myself..its hurt to keep it...i wanna says it but i know nothing gonna change it too.. i know He will do that too even i says i dont like.. so the good conclusion is just stay that way and change one by one... and as for me of course i get mad but i keep telling myself that nobody is perfect and i have to accept it.. coz i know next time everything gonna be as what i i says before..i wont forcing Him.. as long as He know that i dont like thats was enough for me...i wont change people... let He changed by himself.. itu lagi POWER..!
.. Huh..! Enough about him..! hee.. 25hb we'll celebrate the Family Days VS Christmas Days.. im so exicted..! i miss family gathering..eating too much..singing..laughing..playing a games and of course its time to Chit Chat with thems... WhoooOOoo!! im on a good moods now..hee.. Cant waitttt!!!...
.. Will not update for a fews days..hee.. will come back at the end of the year..posting my last post on 2010.. Summary for the whole year.. so wait for me ya..
So i wish you all :-

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