Monday, December 27, 2010

..LIFE again..

i cry again!! hate it actually but at the same time i like it..:)

Sometimes i dont understand what life is...but for me life is when im with all of THEM!!..the one i love so much..but why some people didnt do as i am?? am i wrong??

Christmas this years was great..but i still dissapoint about something...till now i feel it was the silly things that someone ever do...why put your ego so high??? tidak boleh ka mengalah sekejap?? sampai bila benda tu akan selesai...nama saja lelaki..shett!! You makes my loved ones cry and i'll hate you as long as i want...i dont care anymore...!!

Still my christmas days didnt as perfect as i wish!!..why always problems comes when im happy?..thats why i scared laughing a lot coz i know after that tears will come..

Huh! im missing him again!! Si Hubby..!! just cry..huhu! i cant stand missing him every second..even i just finished talking to him at phone..macam tia puas..! seems something have'nt fulfill...God, help me...its hurt!! i cry when i missed him..i cry when im angry..i cry when im happy together with him...he is the most important me to make him mine..i just cannot imagine my life without thingking of him...

I love U so much Si Hubby!!

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