Tuesday, November 16, 2010

..You & Me..

..its 9.41pm...and all i think is Him...Hurmm..! just cant stop think even a second..
for the first time in my life i think about my future...thinking about engagement, marriage and children..is that mean im old already so that God let me think about all that??..Honestly, its never ever cross my mind before..and i never think about it seriously...but, this fews days its seem distrubing my day..i feel weired whenever i think of it..argggghhhh! am i really ready to face all that?

..im not scared but i just dont feel to have it...But, this guy broke my whole wall!..i dunno how he do that but as i says before i trust him even not 100%.. i believe that he is the one...i already ask my heart million times and 90% answer is goes to him.. This simple guys really makes me more crazy than before...

...i know its not good to hope 100% on something you really didnt sure..but i really hope that there's something precious happen next year...

..Gonna Love you Hubby..no matter what happen i'll try my very best to keep this relationship..i just want you to be the last man standing beside me...holding my hands..kissing me on my forehead..making a lot of jokes..hugging me and mostly to be the only bestfriend that i can share everything...no lies..no secrets...! Hopefully..!

..God, i wish you to make him my last man in the world..! AMEN!!

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