Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...I Need You...

...i feel hurts...sakit sangat!!..feel like wanna cry...dunno y..but i scared a lot right now..! Mummy, need you now..huhuhu...i cant stand anymore...i miss Him damn much!!..i cant do anything without him in my mind...God, help me..im begging you...i need him right now..!! if not im getting crazy ni..

...Last night was terrible..i hate what ever feels i got that nite..Sorry hubby didnt meant to hurt you.. love + miss + scared = Emo...i cared everything about you..thats why i need to know everything you do...every second...i want you to feel more comportable wit me..i want to love you with all my heart..

...But, im really sorry if everything i do just make you thinking a lot..making you feel guilty..really2 sorry about that..sometimes i dunno how to show it to you...i dunno how to make you happy..i always make you hurt..i know it even you didnt tell it..

...Today, i still on that mode..i try not to think about it but still its haunted me and it scared me a lot...you are my only exception hubby...i want to make this things happen for real..I know God will help me...

...Shett..!! why this feel wont gooo!!!..hate it!!!..wanna cry..!! i miss him..!! please help me to get through this feels..i cant stand anymore...this is killing me..!!!

...i need you Hubby..!

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