Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...The Heart Says..

...emm..come back here again becoz i still have something in my mind..bothering me all days..and of coz its all becoz of LOVE..honestly, is still dunno how is the real feel of IN LOVE..i guess i always failed to be the good GF to someone..haizzz!! silly rite?..hahahha! whatever...

...Sometimes loves makes me sick..really sick ! sampai ada masa mo give up!! Gila..! but i'll never do that..coz i know im more better than before...i want to try my very best to makes this dreams happen for real..being his only girl in the world...upssss!! thats too much actually...hahahha..! emm.. i just want to be his last one...

... i still in process...downloading everything that connect me to love..i just want to makes all thing in perfect line..i want to makes him happy no matter what happen...but the only one thing i wanna do is learning how to tell Him i love him by words or acting rather than just write and blank suddenly whenever its come to it...i lost my voice..i try to says what i write but at the end its just a minute silence happen between this happen becoz im too silent before..keep whatever i feels alone??...

...i wish i was somebody else...the talkactive one...!!! i have a lot of story to tell but i dunno how to begin...! but when its come to writing i can be on this blog for a many-many hours..!! am i addicted to this words ' WRITING'..hurmmm...! i was thinking why some people enjoy telling their story...can talk for an hour without stoping...but me?? haizz..! dont have to tell la.. can i change ka??..Rainnnn....! speak it loud!!!..yeahhhh!!..

...hehehe..! sometimes being Silent not that good...makan hati jak tiap ari!!..dunno how to show the anger or whatever yg buat kita ndak puas ati..sometimes i want to says this words..F**K..S**T..GTH..S**L..ect by voice but i cant!!...but in writing biar la sopuluhratus (copied from someone) kali ka tataps juga tu d taip...hahahhaha!! ...tapi bila d fikir2 kan teda faedah juga bah tu..u cant do anything juga pun if says that words..and i hope i didnt says it..HOPEFULLY!!!...hahahha...i still got manners..not that crazy p maki2 orang..its not me..!

...Cuma yg paling penting sekali sekarang ini is i just need to change skit saja..maybe trying to tell someone how i feel..sharing them stories..biar la tu bahasa tunggang langgang...antam saja la dia bilang si P. Ramlee....i must do..! coz i now realize that keeping all the feels only makes me more hurt..!!

...So, Chayo2 Rain..!!! ( just ka c semangat diri sendiri ni) huhuhu..! apa2 pun i LOVE my Boyfriend!!!...Hubby, Love You so much..!!! ( ambik kesempatan )

..Ok2 Enough for today..The HEART pun mo rest jap..see you on the next post..mana tau EMO tetiba datang...wakakakkak! - ADIOS-

**P/S: i dunno why i choose that picture...LOLS!.. whatever la..

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