Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~ LOVE ~

LOVE got so much means...but mostly people refering the words to a couple..WHY??..
[ talking abt this my status and mostly on my blog..i dunno why bt this words makes me thinking so many things...] i have a lot of friends who sharing their love stories...i read a book..i watch movies...i listen to a song...sometimes we never expected the stories to be like that..but that what God has create for us...i know some people will think this is just a nonensense things to think about...but i challenge you...if you can let your mind not to think about it just a minute then you'll just go and ignore my post..(",)..

LOVE is the most purpose why people change so fast...from silent to talkactive, cold person to warm person, happy to sad..if before this u're not a jelousy u'll become a jelousy person...simple to a smart one..unsexy to a sexy lady...hehheheh...and so many changes that we never realize happen to us...believe or not??..ask need to make an excuses coz i know deep inside urself u're agree wit me right...(",) matter LOVE with ur bf/gf , family or Friends but the fact is we CHANGE!!..see, how strong is the words...hehhehehe...that's
why i can't help myself not to fall in you all...i want to feel it by myself the POWER of love..even LOVE to GOD is the most powerful but LOVE between us help us discover and taste how GOD's LOVE is...

LOVE..LOVE..LOVE...never ever afraid to be in love..even last time i felt it but i want to tell you not to be afraid...maybe today u're not success in that but who know u'll get it tommorow...i dunno why..but i love all my family LOVE STORY...even there's so much pain still they're so strong to fight...they keep trying to make it come cousins , aunties , uncles , my sisters , my parent and even my grandparents...their experience makes me become who i am actually...hehhehe...but still i fail in my own LOVE story...kasihan not ignoring the feels but it's better to be ready 100% before accepting the feels again...and i actually cannot wait to have the feels again..

no matter what is your opinion about this words...this is what i think..everyone is free to say anything PEACE NO WAR!!..actutually i dunno why i write this but as i say before i love writing so much so i don't care what people will say about my words...coz i know i did'nt say something bad kan?..

[**knapa tetiba ada PEACE NO WAR??..hahahhaha...apa2 jak la...]

So, Friends....enjoy the LOVE STORY around you...every second it's appear in everyone of, while you got the chance why not discover it...CHEERS!!!!...(",)..

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