Friday, September 18, 2009

~ mY Bestfriend Forever~ [ Sharbby Lo & Hernitah Nita]

I never expected to be their friend..i never know them before, mean i never met them face to face like my others friends..i only know them through internet..why i feel comfortable with them is because they are really open and friendly even we didnt a person who is really hard to trust people for the first time...but they make me happy, enjoy and have fun whenever with them...i know sharbby [ girl who wear that green blouse] first, but Hernita is the first i the one who introduce them to each other..hehhee..bcoz they also didnt know each other before..sometimes i keep thinking...why my old friends didnt as good as them..i mean didnt that close to me..even my schoolmate...there's 1 thing i like the most about them..they are really supportive and open minded...we can talk anything without thinking wether it suitable for us or not...coz we have a great opinion for every issue..different opinion but always at the same way...hehehe..really love chatting with them..
P/s : Sharbby and Nita...i really glad to be as 1 of ur Bestfriend..i hope this relationship will last until our hair change to grey colour..mean kita jadi odu2...hehehehhe...
i Love both of u so much!!...both of u teach me how to be a good friend!!..May God Bless us!!
[ saya tidak mau kita jadi ahli Kelab Andartu selamanya...hehehhe...the club we've create before..LOL..]

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