Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year LOVE!!!

as the year go one step ahead so my age going to 25 years this coming family always ask me.." WHY NOT BRING YOUR BF HERE" ?? the answer that i always use is " I HAVE NO BF, SO HOW CAN I BRING HIM HERE..??..and the feedback that they always give is that they say im too choosy...of course i am [ x la teruk sgt..] but, i just leave them with a big smile on face and telling them that someday i'll bring HIM to them...that's why sometime i hate balik kampung coz they'll ask me everything abt this...i don't like speaking abt something that i also not so sure...only God now who is suits to me..(",)

im not a choosy person actually..but if it's is because a PARTNER of a LIFETIME i should's not easy for me to falling in love with a man...there's a lot of things i will think before choosing not into a handsome , rich or tough man...i like someone SIMPLE...the one who can make me smile when i think of him..laugh because their jokes..touching with everything they do to me...the way they makes me feel comfortable whenever i am with him...i love my family and the way i live my life...and it will be an advantage if he got a same interest with me...i hate silence coz im a silent person but sometime too talkactive..

Once i fall in love.. the man will always stay HERE in my heart and mind...that's why im so cold sometimes to some people who come to me especially man..i don't like giving them hope..if i say i don't like means NO!..but if im happy and comfortable with him so it's means there's a hope for HIM!!...i dun like other people to introduce me..i like if i fall for him out of my control..the reason that i also dunno...:)

Maybe someday my turn will come again to feel how good , romantic and happy i am being a GF to someone...being treat as a princess like im dying tommorow...sometimes i feel jelouse seeing my friends & family members with their cute!..crying alone becoz of that is always happen to me...[ and i always wish he come back to me...treat me like them..]..

New year...i hope it's brings a new hope to me...NEW LOVE that i wish to be the last!!..
God Bless Me!! YOU [ you that ever come to my life and change my whole life ] that i missed so much..may this coming New Year will brings you a lot of happiness in your life and take a good care!!..

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