Saturday, August 13, 2011

" Keep Him safe From the Other Girls "

( Dengar ini before baca ye..!! )

LOVE!! people keep saying about this.. and Me also!
But.. day by day i feel bored talking about this.. Hati keras sangat.. tetau kenapa..
mungkin hati semakin kekurangan CINTA?? ya ka??

Dulu kalau boleh tiap hari i nak post sesuatu yang berbaur CINTA.. tak kira la kat FB atau BLOG..
Tapi Entah kenapa kebelakangan ni tiap kali nak start taip mesti hati rasa terpaksa..
rasa macam tak ikhlas langsung!
rasa tak puas ati tak macam ari2 sebelum ni..
yang mana senyum lebar jak lepas tekan
' ENTER '..

God.. keep me strong.. make me believe that LOVE is pure.. Make me believe that He is the one..

i rasa kepala berserabut.. banyak sangat tanda tanya.. Am i Ready for the PLAN!!??
I macam tak tahu mana arah tuju i.. almost 40% Done..! Please God, Open back my heart..!
I Love Him so much.. But, silly me when loneliness attack me i feel Hopeless..!! I cant control my own feels.. I get mad easily, Cemburu tak tentu pasal..

Its Almost a year and what people say about how hard its has to be was nearly to be true.. Huh!! Begini pula becinta kan.. You have to give and take even your Heart hardly says NO!!.. Sometimes i think im not a good Girlfriend ( Always use this..:)) .. i try hard but the more i try the more i think that im a QUEEN CONTROL!! i dont want to be that.. Honestly!!
Cuma the problem now is if can i want him to be with me every second, whenever he go i should be there too.. i dont want him to talk about another women even she is his Ex, His admirer Schoolmate or someone he dont know..!! i know its only jokes but deep inside my heart its something that hurting me..

If only i cant turn the time back and be the girls who does'nt believe love kan bagus!.. maybe im not as messy as today.. stressfull.. hopeless.. lonely... But, With what i have now i think i have to Thankful God!! I have the one who Love me ( I think so) .. He Gave me Someone i can share my life.. The One who i think i can trust to ( I hope so ) .. The One that can give me the happiness
( God Let it be )

Still have 2 Months to go to The Plan.. I hope that everything in control.. Bless Us God..! I promise i do better in my life , For my Family, My Future Fiance , For You especially and for those who still be with me in my future.. Thanks For this wonderfull Life and amazing people that you sent to me.. Thank you Lord, Amen!

Heavenly God Full of Grace,
Bless My boyfriend's Sexy Face,
Bless His Hair the way it curls,
and keep Him safe from the others girl,
Bless his nose and toes,
and keep His hands so big and strong,
and help him keep them were they belong,
Bless his Minds on Me and Cars,
Bless his body the way its smell,
if mum finds out she'd give me hell,
I tell you Lord He isn't shy,
He has fault so do i,
Bless him Lord because he is my Guy!!

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