Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~ I Promise ~

Well i'll will be there for you,
when you need someone well i'll be that one,
Well i'll do all my best to protect you,
When the tears get me all right,
Well i'll be the One that's by your side..

Well i'll be there When you call me in the middle of the night,
i will keep the rain from falling down into your eyes,
( I promise ) I promise,
( I promise ) I promise i will,

When You're sick i'll take care of you,
take your darkest night and make it bright for you,
Well i'll be there to make you strong and to lean on,
When this world has turned so cold,
well i'll be the one that's there to hold,

** Repeat Chorus 2x **

And i'll Love you more everyday,
and nothing will take that love away,
when you need someone,
i promise i'll be there for you,
There for you..

** Repeat Chorus **

I promise...
I promise...
When you call me..
I promise...
I promise i will..

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