Wednesday, June 1, 2011

...Finally!! The CROWN Find its Owner...

Harvest festival this year officially over Yesterday! Which has been held at KDCA Hall,penampang and Now have to wait for the next Kaamatan on 2012..
Even its End but for all the sabahan the moods is still On and sometimes its only stop at the end of June.. Mean The ARAMAITEE is still alive!!!

I been there too.. But only on 30th..
The place is really crowded!! The Weather is HOTT!! and we park our car too far coz there's no more space for us! and that makes us to walk around 15minute under the sun just to go there.. huh!! And i almost surrender..luckily the kaamatan's mood is strong that day.
Even its Hot still the place really awesome!! and at least i have something to say here..haa!!

Tired but Fun!
Walking around..stop by at food stall..walking again..then stop again..eating & drink...
same thing!! hahahha!
Too many tasty local food there..Dunno what to lastly we only eat ' Nasi Ayam' [ white rice + fried hicken] Not that delicious..but what to mo table & chair for us at the other stall...haa..! its really Full!! Menyesal juga la..huhuh!

The Kaamatan peak was yesterday ( 31th may)..
But i didnt manage to go there..i cannot imagine walking under the hot sun...
being around with so many people and the most matter is PARKING!
tak sanggup nak jalan jau2..hahahha..!
So here i wanna put the top 7 Unduk ngadau that manage to go to Final..

Miss Bo Tiza A. Disimon
From : Penampang
The Winner For Unduk Ngadau 2011

Personal Point Of View :
She got a beautiful smile..Nice Body! If im a man She will be my dream..beautiful!!
But Honestly She is not listed to my Favourite Unduk.. For me there is someone else deserve to be the owner of that beautiful Crown.. Maybe thats is her luck!! Nway, Congratss Miss Bo Tiza!!

Miss Jovenea Jim Lajim
From : Tamparuli
1st Runner Up

Personal Point Of View :
Just Nice!! Beautiful Costume..! Never cross my mind that She manage to be top 7 and won the 1st runner up.. But, People says..the things that we dont care is the things that suddenly makes us care.. ( Ngam kaitu) Antam jak la..haa...

Miss Caroline Anthony
From : Tuaran
2nd Runner Up

Personal Point of View :
Honestly She's the One that i thought became the winner..Her beauty really charm!!! i love the eyes..and mostly the smile..!! even without make up she's still looking hot!! Thats what attracts me most!..If people ask who do you think would win? I says TUARAN..hee..not because im from TUARAN but she is Beautiful with IQ.. even just manage to be 2nd runner up still im happy!!

Miss Sophie A. Kutam
From : Ranau
4th place

Personal Point Of View :
She is the 2nd person that i been listed as the winner!! Sexy face!! there's something that makes me adore her.. i expect her to be the 1st runner up behind UN Tuaran.. But, what to do..the competition was really tough! and i still can smile that she manage to go to final stage and be in 4th place even im not that statisfied with the result.. Never mind!! Try again Next year..!

Miss Racheal M.
From : Kota Kinabalu
5th Place

Personal Point Of View :
Just Nice..Nice Costume..! just an ordinary face..nothing can attract me..Btw , she got her own beauty..But, she is not listed in my list..
( I like that Dusun Kota belud costume!! )

Miss Alvera Raymond
From : Sandakan
6th Place

Personal Point Of View :
Just Nice!.. Not in my list!

Miss Adeline Joyce M.
From : Likas
7th Place

Personal Point Of View :
Cute!! That the only word i can say..hee

So many Negative & Positive comment about the result!! its really Hot like Kuih Pisang! everyone try to tell their own point of view without watching theirs own words..! Came On la guys!! Everyone have their rights to say but please do put your sensitivity with others feelings! need to show you anger here.. You only make its worst.. your words reflect your ownself.. So becareful wit what you says..!

I feel like 'HUH!!' what the hell they a talking rubbish here.. Really Childish! Fighting like a they are the right one..! Stop it and accept all the result.. Everyone have their own Luck.. So, this year its Miss Bo Tiza A. Disimon time.. So lets Cherish its..Even she is not one of my Favourite but still i can see that She got that charm!! and im still Happy coz My Fav contestant Miss Caroline Anthony & Miss Sophie A. Kutam manage to go to final..

Ok tired already reading every comment about the Harvest Festival..wanna stop here..! Cant wait to celebrate the Harvest Festival 2012! So guys stop your words now and save it for next year..hahahahh!
So, Cheers Everyone!!! Jan marah2 aah..nanti cepat tua ooo..! Apa2 pun ARAMAITEE!!!

P/S : Congratulation To Miss Bo Tiza Disimon for being crowned as The 2011 Unduk Ngadau!!!

[ Thanks To David Chg For letting me using His picture! Anyone Who interested to use him as a photographer can call at this Number : 016 - 847 8745 or Just add him on FB and his page ]


Jocelyn Keys said...

they are absolutley pretty!

apple said...

wahh pun mau jadi unduk ngadau la nanti^^

Princess Rain said...

Jocelyn: Yep!! They're really pretty!

Apple : Hahahah! Bah2 i wait u next yer..hee

Princess Zezebel Lair said...

Congratulation buat semua yang menang, semua pun pretty,walaupun still tidak puas hati, hehe

Princess Rain said...

Zezebel : Heheheh..yup! me also not that statisfied..but , accept the result with smile..Hopefully The New Miss could be like 'Huminodun'..:)