Saturday, May 7, 2011


im on FB just now..and i recognise something!! Did she block me again???..WHY??

but when i check my BF fb she is still there??..weird?? angry with me??..why?? WHATEVER!!

I DONT CARE!!!! you maybe got another reason but im not going to be that nice again! there's no more NEXT girl!!.. Do what you want!!

huh! She distrub my mood today..! if you think that is the best then do it!!...btw, im not that close to your right if you wanna do that..but why only me? Do i make you angry? Tell me..Blocking someone without reason is a coward action when at the same time we know each other!..

( i dunno why i get angry knowing her might blocking me..maybe this is the 2nd time.. so NEXT i have to says sorry coz i have to remove you from my friendlist..)

P/s: i just check my FB and she is there already! should i gave her another one chance!? ~ Luckily im not that mean! i'll Give him another chance!


erleena said...

waaa besaba yee..kalo el kne block gulp! sedeyy

Princess Rain said...

hee...i tak tau nak terus jd fren dia or just block her like she do before..:)