Friday, March 4, 2011

..wat should i do??..

its march again!!..its comes likes last years..
so thats mean im coming to new ' NUMBER' again..
of course its increase 1 step ahead!.. getting older again..:((

so many things in my head..
especially MONEY!!..
suddenly its disturb my days...
haizz!!!!...the DIGI BROADBAND really makes me moody!!

actually this MOOD disturbing my day n nights since monday!!
dunno why but its hurt me a bit..
always like this..huh! its makes me hate myself more..
tensionn!!!!!...and i hate it..
the office things..!
the home things..!
and this personal things..!!
its really annoying!!..

i hate the things!!..
but i cant says it...all i can do is yelling without voice..
its makes me crazy!..
i just feel like wanna go somewhere!..
where i cant find all this things!..
alone..and doing the things i like...wish i was the old one..
i just cant TRUST myself!..
how can dis be..??
wat should i do..??
im tired!!...i need it to end fast!!..

Help me, God..
i just cant stand..i have no strenght to face it all...

how i wish you understand wat inside me..!
wat i LIKE and DISLIKE..

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