Wednesday, March 9, 2011

...My Turn??...

suddenly i felt touched.. i felt it from the bottom of my heart..

am i will have a time to feel it?? i pray to God.. asking..

" can i have that happy moment??"

all this time i scared... scared that i cant have it as what i wish... i want it not becoz i should have it.. but becoz i want to share everything in my life with someone i love.. i want my happy ending... but the more i think abt it the more i feel scared..

Please god..let it be this time...

i promise to love him..

i promise to take care of him..

i promise to be with him no matter what happen...

i'll promise everything just to have him in my life..

Becoz He is everything to me...

I hope THE PLAN will happen like what we want..

i hope im more stronger to face everything..

only Him in my heart now.. no one..

you'll say im liar... but who cares...

my Own feel and only me know the truth!..

p/s : Hubby ~ You'll be the man that always win my heart..

no one can do that..even we always quarell over something still i want to be with you...

you should know that..

NO ONE its has to be YOU..~

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