Thursday, December 2, 2010

- A Love -

..i dunno what exactly it's mean..but i know it something precious that people wont stop grabbing it..i still learning...i do alot of mistake in order to know it..i hurt others just because i cant feel it..but why when im nearer to succeed im the one who being hurt..Haizz..!! sometimes i just wanna feel giving up...!!! isskkk...what happen ni Rain???...I always fail to handle my emotion..!...mostly people says LOVE is pain...!! its true..the more we love someone the more we feel the pain..i always fail to handle my jealousy..! why should i have this!!! im tired...really tired..sorry hubby...i just cant handle this jealousy...i surrendered with this feels...i love you so much thats why i act like this..! sometimes i just cant accept your jokes..even you says it was just fun but for me its something that hurting me most...last night talk disturbing me...i try to act like nothing happen and keep telling myself thats it was just a jokes but still i feel the pain..sorry..really sorry..i just cant handle my feelings now.....i want you to be my one else..
...i know in relationship theres a bitter and sweet..but if i can change it to be just sweet i think im the only one person who is smiling every second..i just need honesty and remove lies on there...if can i want this is the last pain i want in my improving myself..i have to..becoz i hate myself going to change it..!!!
..i do this becoz in the end of my life i want you the only one who i shared my jealousy...only you...i love you so much..!

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