Sunday, December 19, 2010

..Its YOU..

ermm...just come back from Tuaran..celebrating the birthday party..! its was fun..really fun..! i laugh all the time even sometimes the red eyes spoiling my mood..hee..but still i can says that this is one of my favourite year end's party for 2010...enjoying it with my beloved family...

Suddenly missing him much!! ndak puas jak ceta ma dia tadi..hee...tapi pa ble buat dia pening...Miss hearing his snoring...dunno why..but i feel more closer to him whenever i hear it eventhough just hear it through phone..

im listening Christian Bautista's songs now...honestly its remind me to him...whenever i miss him i'll hear all the songs..

OMG..!! this feeling can't stop my tears..wish him to wake up and call me again..i miss his voice..! damn!!..padahal baru jak off phone tadi..haizzz!! this is crazy..!

"...It’s your smile,Your face, your lips that I miss,Those sweet little eyes that stare at meAnd make me say,I’m with you through all the way..Cause it’s you Who fills the emptiness in me..It changes ev’rything, you see, When I know I’ve got you with me.."

One of my favourite songs by Christian Bautista.." YOU" Just for Him!!..

"..You give me hope,The strength, the will to keep on;No one else can make me feel this way, And only you Can bring out all the best I can do; I believe you turn the tide And make me feel real good inside.."

Hubby...i'll be by your side as long as you want me...i'll try to be your favourite 'BLOG'..Following every
' POST' you says...i love it!!..

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