Wednesday, December 15, 2010

...Early Morning Toughts...

Gud Morning..!!! it's 4.30am in the morning...OMG!! cannot sleep...!
duduk depan PC dengan secawan cofee mix..hee..
try mo tutup mata tapi tidak berjaya..kenapaka??
Tgk picture balik2 tanpa rasa bosan..Oh, saya rindu Si Hubby..!
Kenangan muncul kembali..hee..semuanya dari A to Z..
haisshhh!! tetiba pula hati bergetar..RINDU !!
mau jumpa ooo..huhuhu..! Bilakah???
tia sabar..!!

i miss my FRIEND aka BOYFRIEND = Si Hubby !!
i remember everything he do that day..FUNNY!! i smile a lot !! ngeeee!
i know i never being like this before..But when im with him i change..
he change me to be someone else..and i love it..

Wish to Dating with him again like that day..hee..
staring at his face...
laughing with him..
kiss him...
Hug him...
sitting beside him..eating together..
most of all is i miss the time he sings a favourite things about him..
the way he teasing me..
OMG!! i miss everything about him.

p/s : saya rindu kamu Encik Ronald!!

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