Thursday, December 9, 2010

~ CupCakes & Us ~

~ The time we spend together with tasty and cute cupcakes ~
** Been Friend with them for almost 2 years...i never expected to be in their happy..!! for the first time in my life i shared a lot of my secret to others.. i trust them and thats why i can get along with them for that long **
` Us at Sharbby Birthday ( 6th September 2010 ) at Japanese Food Restaurant, Centre Point (Forgot that name) `
** HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sharbby Tracy Lo..!! Wish You Luck and Happy Always!! Love You..**

` Tasty Cupcakes..! Order from my cousin..Kiut kan..hee `

` CHEEESEEE!!..!! ` - I miss hang on with them..

`Sharbby's CupCakes On Her 25th Birthday!!..`

` Happy Birthday Hernitah @ Nita..The 26th birthday !! Wish You A wonderful life ahead..God Bless You always..Good Luck In whatever you do..Love You !! `

` Nita's Cupcakes ! - The No.1 Fan Of Hello Kitty..! thats why i order this cute cupcakes especially for her..You can see her giddy smile when she see it..`

` Its Us Again..after been 2 months didnt meet..! see the different??..hee ` on the 7th of December 2010 we celebrate the birthday at KFC, Centre Point, Kota kinabalu.

Cupcakesss!! is Everywhere..!

`Another Pose From us..being pose again and again just becoz we didnt like the others..wakakak!`

` HELLO KITTY Cupcakes!!!!...Love it..! thanks Cuzen for this..!!

( P/s : wanna have this one??..just inform me or go to my facebook..)

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