Thursday, December 9, 2010

` Bunga - Bunga Cinta `

` Times flies so fast...Today we've been together for 2 months, 2 weeks & 5 days..hee...its seems just only yesterday i told him about my feels..funny..! im happy today..! dunno why but seems that nothing burdening my feels...everything in under control..hee...or maybe its becoz im going to meet him in soon..cant wait..!! been a month havent meet..kasehan kan..ada jumpa pun ndak pun sampai 1 jam..haizz..! i only have to wait for 2 days more and the days belong to us...wakakakka! i love it!!..meeting my chubby hubby..!! LOLS!! My CUTE BEAR2..
Today..before posting this i been thinking everything happen from the first..the day my eyes catch him..his dreadlock hair that attract me that time..the smile that most influenced me to admire words ever come out from our mouth..its just a smile that connect us..everything happen out of on FB & replying comment on fb makes me want to know more about him..and suddenly this weired feels come..!! hahha.. I admiring HIM!!..try not to thinks more about it but that feels become more stronger everyday..and at last on 16 sept 2010 i told him that i ADMIRE him..huh!!..hee...i dunno where i get the strength but what i know i told him..of coz i feel scared n malu..tapi suma tu tidak terasa the time i told him..aftr done the first sound that come from me is ' FUHH..LEGA..' !! hee.. what happen aftr that??..will tell you all next we at last be together..! hee..`

` - BEING WITH YOU - im deeply in love with this guy..hahhaha..! crazy rite..last time i never want to think my future with any guy that i dated..but, suddenly the feels appear when he comes to my life..dunno what attract me most to him..but as i says before he is the one who makes me feel so many feeling...Angry , sad , jealous, blues and the most is HAPPY..! he let me fall in love with him over and over again..! - THE PLAN - is one of the most priority now..hopefully its happen as what we want..GOD, help us..! i need it..i know its still have a long days to be waited and makes me unpatient..! so many things flies around my head now..kakkaka..! - HOW , WHEN, WHERE & WHAT - this words keeps pop in and makes my heart beat Dup Dap Dup Dap..its dance!! hahaha..! OMG, i just cant wait it happen..!`

` -TAKE CARE- my favourite words...i'll choose this rather than I LOVE YOU..! hee..its becoz for me TAKE CARE says it all..all the romantic words was included..but - TAKE YOUR TIME - makes me feel annoying..hahahah..! dunno why bt i hate this words when im talking to him..sometimes i used this just to show him that im not in mood..but not everyday i use it for that...when im in mood i used it too..lols! but overall the percentage of DISLIKE is more high than LIKE..! Tapi..apa2 pun i like all his words!! im craving for that..Luv U Hubby ..
` Be ready hubby...hahhaha..! becoz im totally cant take you off from my heart now..! and dont blame me if someday you'll drowning in my love..wakakkakak! upsss..its sounds like what huh??..lols..! whatever..!

p/s : Hubby, The best thing about me is you. ..! Love You So Much!!..** in the air**

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