Sunday, November 28, 2010

..Sunday Thoughts..

..Wake up early today even i sleep late last nite....and im alone at home this day..ermm..BORED!!..wish to meet Him..lambat nya masa berjalan..have to wait 2 weeks more..
everyday we have a long talk at phone..hee..Thanks to Digi Easy!!..hahhaha..! we can talk for almost 6 hours...crazy rite..!! we shared nothing actually..just telling everything happen that day..ermm..but i never get bored..! i enjoy talking with him..even theres no stories..layan loyar buruk dia..kakkakak!

..One things i love the most is when he sings on the phone..seems like i wanna go there and hug tears always come out whenever he do touchable!!..the most favourite part!!..i sleep thight whenever he do that..wish he was here doing that to me..for real..!

..i love hearing him snoring..!! i feel like he is sleeping beside me..wasnt that cute..! hee..i hope to hear that sound for the rest of my life..! walaupun sakit telinga mo dingar..hahaha.. ( OMG, im emo again ka ni? ) hehehhe...! whatever..!

.. ' THE PLAN ' always stop by in my mind..almost everyday..! hopefully everything in control..God, i do really hope this time happen for real blessed really sure he is the one..hope so..!

...Hubby you're everything..!

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