Wednesday, November 3, 2010

..November Rain ( Tears)..

[ 1st Posting on my FB Notes on 1 Nov 2010..]
..i shared it again here..

..its 3pm in the afternoon...its seems that today my tears dont stop coming out..dunno why but everything happen today touching my heart...the songs, the dreams, the jokes and even the EMO today...every thoughts that came out from my minds makes me relize and remember that life was'nt that easy...i miss everything in my life...i scared for what ever happen next...

..the dreams still haunted me...i didnt dreams lately...but today i got nightmares..the dreams that really scares me..the dreams that making me cry today...really i scared this things happen to me..becoz, i know my feels to him become more strong and deep day by one could ever stop me anymore..i dont wanna lose him..

..the suddenly reminds something...the things that i left behind for so long..its true i seldom do that but still i remember to appreciate it...but trully the conversation makes me reflecting all my past.. and still this tears wont forget to stop..Oh, God am i that bad..

..the songs..RENEW ME O'LORD...this songs touching me most..listen to it and you'll know why im feeling EMO today...

..But The most touching is waiting to 'meet' my late dad..its been too long didnt 'meet' and tommorow will do that..suddenly all the memories about him come out..i dont even wanna stop that..and yess that what makes me cry a lot today..its been 11yrs and deep inside my heart i still cant accept it.. haizz!!..this tears come again..

..Omg, why la today i feel so EMO... emm...everyday i hope that im more happy, blessed, and lucky...but the most important things i hope is that everyone get their happiness especially to my Beloved persons FAMILY + HUBBY..i love u one can replace u all in my heart..To you all my friends..thanks for being here beside me..!!

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