Thursday, April 5, 2012

When BREATH stop!!

"Birth and death; we all move between these two unknowns."

DEATH??? Everyone know this word. Its scaring right?? Honestly, im not scared of it as we know no one could escape this. Bt, what i scared is Leaving everyone i love.
First time i know about death is when our Grandmother died when im only 6yrs old.. Followed by my Uncle when im 11yrs.. And the most saddest Death happen to me is when My Dad passed away 3yrs after my Uncle. The most shocking things happen in my life. Its changed my life 100%. I lost my STRENGTH. Lost my FAITH. Times flies and i lost someone again.. My Great Grandmother & My GrandFather in both side. Memories remain as one of the things they Left to us. I know that, but theres always a time tears fall down again after many2 years. No one will ever Forget!!.. I know U all too..
Im 27yrs now.. to many people leaving me for 'another' world. When is my TURN?? nobody know. God do His job nicely. Maybe today is my last day, Maybe tommorow.. No one know.. Thats the only secret God never tell us. I cry..Regret...I only rent this world. Someday i may leaving Everyone here.. Will they missing me when in 'Gone'..?? Scared they will forget me.. :'(
Huh!! I dunno why suddenly talking about this. Last tuesday, A friend passed away. He is too young to die..only 24yrs old and have to leave his beautiful wife and a cute little baby girl. Sometime i feel its Unfair coz everyday you read his dream for his Family. He only know he got heart attack last week.. and passed away this tuesday. What a waste..
Sometime, God takes us without notice. So, please do check our own body. Medical Check up is important ~ Im saying this to myself as i was scared of this words
God, May This Easter bring peace to all the soul that you have called to meet you, Bring them to the place you've promise, Amen.
Last, HAPPY EASTER DAY to those who celebrate! May our life much more better than before. (Notice to myself)..

p/s: I have no mood to WORK there!!.. its stressing me.. Everyday i have to keep all the things that hurting me and i dunno who should i told.. Been too long didnt open BLOG and today i feel much better than before.

** Say NO to ciggarette, Beers, Cholestrol & Stress coz its effect to many dieses **

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