Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~ Love & Friend ~

i want BOTH!! can??
i found my LOVE already... Sometimes i dont understand Others or mybe i should not let my life busy thinking about their life.. they makes LOVE as one of their TOY.. last time FIGHTING to have IT but now EASILY letting IT go... Why?? When we LOVE someone its mean we accepting everything coming from her / him.. The bad and Good.. the comittment that we struggle to makes actually a big sign that we really want her / him in our life.. Bt now, look... becoz of the misunderstanding we let go each other.. Wasting your time & money only.. PENGAJARAN: Kenali pasangan anda masing2 sebelum membuat apa2 keputusan penting dalam hidup and we should know that Nobody is perfect... Erm.. whatever la.. dah pilihan macam tu..cuma as a friend i really feel so sad.. Walaupun rasa keputusan tu agak2 baik namun still sa rasa sayanggg sangat.. :(
Now, i only want to take care of my own relationship.. May our love stay Forever..! AMEN!!
But FRIEND i think i didnt... Why?? Dunno..
Last time i can says that i got my BFF but today all i can says is im wrong..
No friends can stay long with us.. i learn it This fews day.. Only 1 people in this world can trully be your BFF and im looking for that person... Mybe its my fault accepting anyone as a friend and love them like a family.. i know im wrong.. its Ok.. im leaving..
Someday im hoping that there's someone coming to ask me to be their friends and became the last person to be my friend in life... i dont want 'MANY' i just want 'ONE' friend that trully there when i need someone other than my Fiance & Family... A friend that not only looking for me when they're down.. when there's no one beside them.. thats not friend.. !! One more thing is they should know that i HATE liar!!!.. dont ever try to make fool around me.. i wont scold you but dont ask me why if someday i ask u to leave from my life... Thats the best choice i can do.. I know im not good.. im bad.. really bad..!!
Sorry Friend... Hopefully u enjoy & Happy with your own life..:)

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