Friday, April 1, 2011

~ Its Movie Time..~

yess!! will go watching movie plus dating tonite!!..hee..i already browse through internet the latest movie to watch.. and i found this two movies..the trailer was fun and i just cant wait to see it..the movie is:-


or this one:-


ermm..i do more on the 2nd movie...but..the problem now is..Mr. Ronald says that we will only decide what to see after reach there..haizz! apa2 jak la..hopefully its not a bored movie..will shared with you all later ok..

ermm..still have half an hour to go home...Bored to death already..seeing that skinny BOSS really makes me not in mood..whatever!! I malas nak layan karenah you la BOSS!

p/s: Start now i will act like you're invisible 'Mr. Traffic Light'..whatever..You statisfied with my job or not thats all up to you..Becoz, As u know i've no mood already working under You!..i just need a little bit more time then i'll decide soon..wanna go from here as soon as possible..!!

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