Saturday, April 23, 2011

~ The Heart ' TALKING' again..~


everyday i wish to see the beautiful RAINBOWS..but i know its impossible..
i have to wait the RAIN & SUN to come up 1st..
when the rain come...THUNDERSTORM come out too..
the SUN will only rise tomorrow morning...
the day that we know there's no RAIN!..

.. in my life i seldom seeing my ' RAINBOW' only 'THUNDERSTORM' that seems so friendly..!
im tired waiting for it to come out..i only can see it by chance..! how i wish THE RAINBOW was the first things i see when i wake up..this LIFE really miserable!! really a big challenge for me..

..Hopefully someday the wish would happen ! i just want all the ' THUNDERSTORM' to get out from my life.. its hurt me most ! God, show me the way!..

.. i just hope that i didnt misplace the RAINBOW again as i always do before!..

p/s: I want my first RAINBOW this coming NOVEMBER!!..cross finger!!

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