Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~i handle MINE~

boring dengan sesetengah orang..
atau ada kah saya yg memboringkan...??
tak kisah lar..yang pasti saya bengang layan perangai kamu..
saya boring layan kamu yang asyik menyatakan:-

" Ya, saya memang baik.."
" Saya takut buat itu sebab ia satu DOSA.."
" Saya selalu pigi gereja..saya takut kalau sekali pun escape.."

alim sangat meh??..no need la to tell everyone that you go to church every week..
kalau hari2 sembayang pun tapi perangai masih juga tak berubah buat apa kan?
You have to watch yourself first so after that you can teach others to be good..
you dont have to tell everyone the same thing everyday especially me..
u know why?? becoz im sick with it...let me handle my life by my own..

im not good..i admit it..i do alot of sins..and the matters is only between me and God..
i know you've thinking the good for me..but i just dont like YOU!!..
show me that you are too good so i can accept everything you says..
going to church everyweek does'nt mean you are HOLY..
when everything you do everyday is still like someone who doesnt go...
please just live your own life..
no need to busy body with mine..
i'll handle my life with my own way..

~ Sori to others..i'll refering this to someone..but kalau ada yang terasa pa bole buat lar..siapa makan lada dia terasa pedas nya bah kan ~ So Cheers Guys!!..

p/s : Suddenly missing him!! No chat, No SMS, No Call...my life turn to EMPTY!!..wish that i was there..beside him..EVERYDAY!..can i have that time??..its SCARING! thinking future really makes my life full with SURPRISE! either good or bad i have to accept it! No excuse..how i wish times flies so fast so that im not in this ZONE for such a long days!!..wishing the BEST for US!..

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