Saturday, February 19, 2011

..i cant be someone else..

cant many things on my minds...
( just finished crying actually)..
dunno how to be strong this time..
same problem~

i wanna try to just say ' I DONT CARE'..
but its not me coz i care everything...
sometimes im asking myself..
" why is it happen in my life.."
" why i have 'MYSELF' now.."
~ a woman that always makes others feel bored..~

im sorry for that...
i just cant be someone else...this is trying my best..
but theres sometimes that i like to let me be just MYSELF..

"saya SOMBONG.."
"saya EGO.."
"saya KERAS HATI.."
i admit it all..
accept me or not thats your jobs..
i wont force you...

Huh...! hati saya kacau saat ni..
tetau kenapa..its always ended like this..with the same reason.
.im tired actually...i feel like wanna give up!..
im really EMO tonight..sedih sangat2..
if only i can tell someone what i feel right now kan best..
tapi i cant coz im not that kind of person..
honestly, i surrender for that..thats not me..:((
LORD, give me strength to face it all..

if SOMEDAY what i dream is not a dream anymore..i'll accept it..
if SOMEDAY i dont have the fairytale..i'll accept it
but if that ' SOMEDAY' wont come up..i'll be the happiest person..
hopefully...i just wanna wish that SOMEDAY the dream & fairytale is MINE forever..

p/s : Hey, YOU - sorry if i always makes u feel bored , mad or whatever..i admit fault..:((

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