Thursday, January 6, 2011

..The Feels..

emm...tia ble tidur...huhuhu..always ending it with blog..
i wish to hold his hand everyday..hee...
tapi everytime kami kuar tia pula terpegang..
buat cam most couples...holding hands while walking...
i feel cam romantic nie..hee
tapi cam rimas pula..hahhaha! susah mo jalan..biarla...
i will do it someday..:)

just finished talking wit him on phone..tapi ndak puas..biarla..dia ngantok..
and i miss him damn much already...huhuhu..
me?? tadi ngantok tp now fresh pula..hee
lgpun lama da tia update blog..

i been with his family for 2 time..1st time on new year and the latest is last week..
i enjoy..neves still ada...itu misti...wish that everything in control..
walaupun smtimes rasa janggal & still i like staying around them..
sporting..! and i like it...hee..
i start ody knowing half of his family..but i has'nt let him know mine yet..
dunno how to im going to tell mum about this..
should i said " Ma, sa ada boyfriend suda"..sound funny...
i know mum know little bit ody.. she mybe knew it from my sisters & aunties..
but i feel wanna tell her by myself... but the problem now is i just dunno hw to begin..
hahhaha...Gila afraid to tell Her...

Ni la ni masalah dia if jarang mengaku yg sa x berapa rapat dengan mum..
dari kecil mmg cam ni..hee..sometimes i wish i can be someone else..
yg ble bercerita apa saja wit her mum..
and i wish i can tell her about him as soon as possible..
why?? becoz im serious with this Guy..and i wont let him go..
im addicted every part of him..every words..but the smile is the one that kiling me..
I love it..the way he walk..the way he tell me something..his noisy sound..hahha..!
im gonna miss it all!!!

Suddenly THE PLAN appear again..haizz..! scared , unpatient , happy , worried.. - all in 1..
i really hoping its happen...sooner or later he will be mine..Forever n Ever..hee..
God Bless Us..!

P/S : Im missing u already En. Ronald...lambat tul tu masa oo...

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