Monday, December 13, 2010

..Sweet Memories..

.. i miss him already..! God help me..dunno how to handle this feels now..something missing in my life...i just miss everything about him...! feel wanna cry..! this monday blues always disturbing me..kenapa la masa berlalu terlalu cepat...the time wasnt enough for me..i miss cuddling under his arm..! and mostly the time we spent together..! dunno when will i have a chance to do it again..miss his hug!!...My Gosh, what happen to many feels in my heart now..but the most is I MISS HIM damn much...

.. 11/12/2010 - Miss the day so much!!!..can i have that day again??..its makes me miss him like crazy..after been a month didnt meet finally on that day i meet him..its feels like u meet your heaven..maybe my statement sounds too much but thats what i feel..i've been so patient before and when the time i've waited so long comes its like the days is yours...only yours..! - I MISS HIM - maybe my words wasnt enough to show it but im trully deeply missing you Hubby..!

..Hubby, Now im counting the days to meet you again..maybe tommorow , next week or next month but im sure will spend the time again with you.. Dun worry im gonna be more patient this
time.. Becoz when i meet you again next time i wanna make it the most favourite day in my life.. The unforgetable sweet memories with you becoz you're the most special in my life now..and im scared to death to loose you.. Please stay with me forever.. Can ka??.. coz i just dunno how my life would be if you leave me...

.. Hubby, for the first time in my life i gave all my hopes to a guy.. and its YOU.. and i hope you to fulfill the space in my heart.. No one else..! and promise me that you're the one that i can hold forever.. [ EMO again..tears come again..why my heart feel so hurt.. whatever!! ]

.. Hubby, you are m
y love..the one that i cant live without.. the one that i think about all time and i cant seem to get you off my mind.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH - no words can express my real feels..i just hope that you can feels it no matter what i do and say to you.. i dont care if others think im not serious but i need you to care about it..!!


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