Thursday, March 25, 2010

*** a big SIGH!!***

hurmmm....tommorow i fly to KL..attending my aunt wedding...
im happy???..
i dun have any feels..cuma sa ndak sabar2 mo ka c tinggal ni sabah...
dah la panas...teda ujan...hehehhehe...joke only!!..:)
i miss family gathering that's why ndak kesabaran mo jumpa half of my family there..
sharing their happiness together...laughing!!..that's the important!..
i think it's been too long i didnt laugh sincerely...laughing with emptiness feels..
thats what i really need for now...coz there's something in my heart that really blocking all my feels....the only 1 things i do this week is crying silently, alone and lonely...i dunno why but maybe im afraid to " PUSH" it LOVE to him...even how hard i pretend that im moving on but still i cant i that silly girl!!!!..

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